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I've always dreamed about helping the world to be a more heart-centered place. Growing up I did all I could to help the people around me. By the time I was a teen, I found myself deep in empath overwhelm - experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse cycles, with so many ups and downs. 

In the years that followed I began to heal myself with a spectrum of healing practices that helped me, though I was still struggling. When I was 28, I awakened consciousness of how to deepen my heart-to-heart connection and create natural energy boundaries. I healed myself, and everything transformed.

I set out then on a mission to help others to heal. I moved to Los Angeles and began teaching my self-healing methods. And within weeks, they spread around the world by word-of-mouth (pre website times) bringing me on an incredible journey.

Over the past 12 years, I have developed the Empath Heart Evolver Process and have facilitated over 8,000 one-on-one sessions. It is such a joy and an honor to get to share this with you now!

Vanessa Clayton - Empath Healing Guide

Hear my story of how I healed myself, became an empath healing guide, and created the Empath Heart Evolver Process.


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