Higher Self Heart Meditation


The Higher Self Heart Meditation (HSHM) is an empath energy-setting healing meditation that transforms your energy in minutes.

Practicing this healing meditation will help you to:

  • Open your heart connections.
  • Ground your electric heart energy.
  • Create deep self energy healing.
  • Open your hearts intuition and gifts.
  • Set deep boundaries to cords and negative energy.
  • Build heart-to-heart relationships.
  • Embody your higher self. 
  • Recondition your heart to naturally live in this state.
  • Activate heart-mind-body-soul coherence within yourself, your soul family, and all the world.

With regular practice, it will recondition your heart to help you to naturally stay in a heart-centered state and be your higher self. 

Step 1: Expand your heart. [3:41]

Imagine your heart is a shining star. Inhale through your nose and expand your heart's light. Exhale and let go of what does not belong with you. With each breath cycle, expand your heart's light bigger and bigger until it fills your aura. Expand your heart chakra to your whole body. Open the door to your higher self. Feel your inner source is open.

Step 2: Ground your heart. [6:38]

Exhale and send your heart's light down to the Earth's heart. Visualize your heart-to-heart connection is made of a pure light channel. Send the Earth your higher self presence. Receive 1000x energy back from the Earth lifting you up and filling your heart. Feel you are supported to thrive in all of your physical plane including your body, home, food, health, purpose, creation, and money. Stay heart-to-heart with the Earth and live in a high vibrational physical plane. 

Step 3: Create heart self-healing. [9:40]

Bring your hands to prayer position and rub them together up and down. Breathe in and expand your heart, exhale, and send your electric heart energy to your hands. Keep cycling this until you can feel your heart's electricity in your hands. Place your left hand on your heart, right hand on your stomach. Send waves of light from your hands through your body, clearing away anything that does not belong with you.

Step 4: Heart-to-heart with boundaries. [15:40]

Imagine the people in your life, standing in front of you. Visualize your golden heart-to-heart connection. Send every person your love, positive intention, and invite to heart connection. Place your left hand on your heart and lift your right hand and say within: "Connect with me heart-to-heart and do not place your negativity onto me." Activate your heart invitation and create a boundary to cording.

Daily energy setting:

In your morning time, take 1+ minutes to practice this meditation. This practice will set your energy for the day and will help you to be open-hearted, grounded, in a self-healing state, and heart-to-heart with healthy energy boundaries in your relationships. Anytime in your day, you feel you have become uncentered, repeat the meditation, and reset your heart energy so you can move forward thriving.

Want to learn more about empath energy boundaries?

Get my free empath energy boundary guide. Use this guide during this meditation to create deeper boundaries, healing, and fully experience the benefits of this meditation. 

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