Reiki Master-Lumieres
Helping people remember their Power since 2009
Angelique (Lumieres) Bouffiou, a born seeker, and visionary, began meditating and exploring Innerspace at the age of 11. Through a path that both dances with the shadow, to remember the Light within, she has developed as an empath, luminary and healer to offer you a variety of techniques and tools to heal the body and mind through the vehicle of the spirit, in order to remember wholeness and live the life that ultimately serves your true alignment to Source. 

Angelique is an energy healing specialist, a Reiki Master who holds approximately 50 certifications in various schools of Reiki. 9 certifications in Seichim/SKHM Master,  (Cosmic)Shaman in the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki, and the Light Initiations of Mother Portia Amara of Mount Shasta, and works with the medium of crystal sound instruments. Angelique additionally works with tarot cards, and crystals; teaches meditation and offers past life mending through Soul Restoration: The reading and clearing of your Akashic Record (Soul Record) for individuals and properties. 

"My life is dedicated to reducing suffering in this world by reminding my clients of their access to power while channeling pure light through a divine filter. I am a healer because I chose to heal. As I create the environment and channel the Energy, you choose the direction through an intention, and the Universe makes you whole once again."


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Soul Restoration 
Reiki Treatments
Become a Healer
Akashic (Soul) Record reading. and clearing for individuals seeking more clarity and conscious choice. Have you ever thought that:
change is an impossibility?
try as you might, your New Year's resolutions just don't stick?
Changing your story is unfathomable as life plays repititious patterns in love and relationships, with work, money and people?
Does it seem that the LOA (Law of Attraction) is simply out of reach for you on one or more aspects of your power to create the life you want?  
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Reiki- Universal life force energy- asists in healing the physical, mental and soul levels of being by activating your innate ability to heal and thrive. Reiki will meet you where you are and  assist you in living the life you choose. 
In person sessions in Collingsood, NJ 90 min or 120 min sessions available. Distance sessions available from the comfort of your home...
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In this section there are certification classes in various techniques of healing, spiritual/ energetic exploration, chakra development, ethics and development of a Reiki practice,.. Of the many courses offered some require one on one study and some can be studied via distance. An abundant offering of educational tools to realize the healer in you!  (Read more about Becoming a Healer  School of Liberation)
Reiki Master-Cosmic Shaman-Lumieres
Defining terms: Reiki Master: a person who has studied, been certified in the practice of Reiki who also can teach and certify others. 
CosmicShaman- A healer who channels through the Ascended Masters to assist in healing through the Violet Flame and other medicinal Flames of I AM that I AM. A practitioner of Light medicine as opposed to plant medicine. 
Lumieres- Enlightener. This term originates from an ancient group of scientists and mystics whose goal it was to enlighten or awaken  people through science, art, and mysticism. 
Soul Restoration
Akashic Record Clearing
Energy Attunements (beyond Reiki )
Spacial Energy Clearings
Attunements are energetic teachings passed on from a Master teacher whom has received and worked with these energetic teachings. Energetic attunements boost your vibration, expand and strengthen your energyfield, widen the resevoir of the central channel (of the chakra system) to hold more Light, and/or increase connectivity to a specific practice, Mystery School, Ascended Master or Angel(s). 
Soul Restoration is a process through which your Akashic Record (the record of your soul's journey and choices) is read and cleared of all items in stock which off set your alignment to your "original divine soul blue print." This level of work brings the  concept of New Year's resolution to a whole new level.  
Once the reading and clearing is complete clients are given homework to assist in reformatting the subconcious and concious processes to make the necessary changes in a supported and empowering way. 
Spacial Energy Clearings can be done in person or by distance through Soul Restoration for properties (See Soul Restoration page for distance clearings). The purpose of this process is to clear the energy in order to live/work or learn within the space without the residual energy left by previous owners, businesses or students.  
Additional crystal budgets can be personally designed to grid the space to hold and seal the clearing while  intentionally bringing about an amplified energy  of your  choosing. 
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My Approach
I am not a healer because I heal people. It is a Power far greater than me that does that. I am a healer because I choose to allow that Source to work in and through me. I have no power, nor do I wish to, over the free will of others. If I want to change somebody, then I am in judgment of them. So let each individual be drawn toward the possibility of change and authentic healing for themselves--and it is this that I can help you discover. Let each one choose for themselves through wonder to invite the Light into their darkness and become whole within themselves. From this place of wholeness I offer you my gifts as a guide to find it for yourself and in yourself. Each persons 'results' differ, but you will get exactly what you need until you access the Power to create that which you truly want. 

I am a medical/emotional empath, intuitive, luminary, who assists people to actualize themselves, through divine guidance, scientific understanding and an open mind,
I practice and teach meditation, Reiki, Seichim, the IAM Teachings, chakra tutorials, and offer Soul Restoration (Akashic Record) reading & clearing. Everything I do is motivated in assisting my clients and students to discover their access to infinite power and alignment to their own conscience.    

                                     "Go within or go without"